Business and technical cooperation

Cooperation with experts from universities, scientific institutions and professional associations facilitates new knowledge management, implementation of new technologies and creation of opportunities, and it also mitigates risks brought up by globalization.

  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture Zagreb
  • Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering Zagreb
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Zagreb
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering Zagreb  
  • Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering Zagreb
  • Faculty of Technology Rijeka
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Zenica - Laboratory for technical diagnostics (B&H).

Scientific institutions:
  • Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts
  • “Ruđer Bošković” Institute
  • “Končar” Institute
Professional associations:
  • Croatian Association of Petroleum Engineers and Technicians
  • Croatian Gas Association
  • Croatian Maintenance Society
  • Croatian Society for Non-Destructive Testing
  • Croatian Chamber of Architects and Engineers in Civil Engineering
  • Croatian Welding Society

STSI Ltd. is a member and one of the founders of the Croatian Association of Infrared Thermography (HUICT)

State institutions:
  • State Inspectorate
  • State Office for Standardisation and Metrology
  • Croatian Register of Shipping
  • Ex - Agency
  • Croatian Chamber of Economy
Our specialists take part in scientific projects organised and conducted by the above mentioned institutions, and some of them actively participate in teaching at universities as teaching or research assistants.

Papers written by STSI’ s specialists have been noted at a number of scientific congresses, symposiums and workshops held in Croatia and abroad, and a considerable number of papers has been published.

STSI Ltd. is fully supported by the Croatian Association of Petroleum Engineers and Geologists, thus enabling our specialists to participate in scientific conferences concerning the oil industry.
At earlier meetings, scientific papers written by STSI’ s specialists had the aim to present the knowledge acquired in the oil and gas industry and to put these findings under the scientific scrutiny.
In collaboration with the Croatian Chamber of Economy STSI Ltd. participates in many fairs, both in the Republic of Croatia and abroad.

STSI Ltd. has a number of CRS's certificate promoting the highest internationally adopted standards in safety and protection of life and property at sea and inland waterways, as well as in protection of sea and inland waterways environment.