Health, Safety, Fire Protection

Health and Safety Management

STSI Ltd. pays great attention to human resources and health protection of employees, in compliance with legal regulations in force and Occupational Health and Safety Policy.

Technical Safety and Environmental Protection Section and the Quality Management Section are responsible for the implementation and advancement of the health and safety management system.
The system has been continuously developed through the activities as follows:
  • detailed analysis of the work carried out by STSI, potential hazards are identified, risk assessment is carried out followed by control measures  
  • monitoring of legal regulations and other requirements applicable to STSI's business activities, relevant information is made available to the persons working under STSI's supervision as well as to all other interested parties
  • periodical assessment with applicable legal regulations and other relevant requirements
  • in the course of defining goals and programmes for their realisation, STSI is continuously improving the occupational health and safety management system
  • roles, obligations and authorisations for the occupational health and safety management system are clearly defined  
  • making sure that all employees have necessary competencies for carrying out work that might impact health and safety  
  • providing for the involvement and consultations of the employees in the health and safety management system and communication with all the interested parties  
  • identification of possible emergencies and preparedness and response in case of intervention  
  • emergency preparedness and response is checked periodically  
  • performance supervision and assessment by monitoring the realisation of the goals set, carrying out of internal and external supervision, and number of occupational diseases and incidents  
  • each incident is immediately followed by a detailed investigation with the purpose of establishing required corrective and preventive measures  
  • once a year, the highest ranking level of STSI's management evaluates the occupational health and safety management system and gives proposals for its improvement  
  • all the employees are provided with the information related to the evaluation of the management  
STSI Ltd. has approval issued by the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship for carrying out work related to risk assessment for its own requirements, as well as approval for safe work training of its own employees, and initial fire fighting operations.

In order to provide for the lowest possible negative impact of business activities on health and safety of its employees and other interested parties, all STSI's operations are carried out taking into consideration this very important principle "safety, consideration and attention at work.

Consideration and attention provide safety at work.

"5 minutes for safety" – basic principles and rules of conduct for safe work, STSI Ltd.
ISO 9001:2008

ISO 14001:2004

OHSAS 18001:2007