Environmental management system

Aware of its position when providing services relevant to its business activities and an important impact its activities might have on the environment, STSI Ltd., with its Environmental Protection Management System, is in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001: 2015.
Monitoring and minimisation of negative effect on the environment are included in every stage of business activities, starting from development of technological processes and products, application of technology, use of products and provision of services.
STSI Ltd. is focused on preservation of environment and nature, and responsible relationship with the social community in order to achieve long-term success and benefit of all interested parties.
In its Environmental Protection Policy Statement, STSI Ltd. adheres to the following principles:
  • continuous monitoring of changes in the environment, risk assessment related to all environmental aspects, compliance obligations, organisation context and needs and expectations of all interested parties
  • systemic work on waste prevention, minimisation of waste generation and sorting of waste
  • communicating relevant environmental requirements to external suppliers, including subcontractors
  • continuous measurement, analysis and evaluation of environmental performance indicators 
  • continuous improvement of the environmental protection management system
Environmental protection principles and environmental requirements are incorporated in all phases of product or service life cycle.

The Environmental Protection Policy Statement represents the framework for setting goals and evaluating results in environmental protection.

STSI's Environmental Policy Statement is available to all interested parties.  
The main principle of STSI Ltd. is:

Cleaner environment, better business reputation.


ISO 14001:2004