Transport of goods by freight vehicles, payload capacity from 8t to 50t
  • relocation and supply of drilling and workover rigs
  • transport of tubular goods and pipe tools
  • transport of chemicals, acids and methanol
  • transport of bulk freight (cement, barite) by tank trucks
  • transport of tools, special freight equipment
  • transport of crude oil
  • transport of drinking water and process water
  • transport of construction materials
  • transport of construction machines
  • special transport
  • technical support
  • preventive technical inspection of vehicles

 Truck cranes, payload capacity from 8t to 50t
  • installation and dismantling of drilling rigs
  • installation of tools and casing
  • relocation of workover rigs
  • replacement of equipment and equipment parts
  • truck crane operation during turnaround work on refinery plants, gas and compressor stations
  • loading, unloading and manipulation of load and tools for hydrodynamic measurements
  • tractor cranes for inaccessible areas
  • pipe laying machines