Sustainable development management

Sustainable development management
Sustainable development, as defined by the UN Commission in 1987, means to respond to the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The goal is to create a balance between economic growth, progress of society and care for the environment.
For INA, and in that way for STSI as well, sustainable development represents continuous commitment of the Company to the balanced integration of economic, environmental and social factors into daily business operation with the aim of increasing the common value as well as identification, prevention and avoidance of possible adverse effects.
INA Group, and STSI as an important INA Group member, contributes significantly to the national revenue with its financial results, distributes economic value to its suppliers and other entities, thus contributing to the entire economy of Croatia. Our business success is based on product quality, investment in development, care for the employees, partnership with clients and business ethics.
With regard to health, safety and environmental protection, special attention is given to workplace safety, environmental improvement, greenhouse gas emission reduction, rational energy consumption and preferring suppliers that follow the same principles.
STSI has been systematically developing partnerships with local communities through socially beneficial projects, providing assistance in the form of donations and other forms of cooperation.