Energy management system

Energy management

STSI Ltd. as the leading company in the maintenance of oil and gas production, transmission and processing plants in Croatia, is an influential participant in the regional energy market.

Energy management, in accordance with international standard ISO 50001:2011, is central to STSI’s operation and management of business activities, and we are dedicated to the responsible use of energy and continuous monitoring and improvement of energy performance indicators.

With regard to energy management policy, STSI Ltd. adheres to the following principles:
  • focus on increasing energy performance
  • development of business processes with the aim of improving energy performance indicators by using recent, more energy efficient technologies, processes and equipment
  • support for the procurement of energy efficient products and services and design for energy performance improvement
  • ensuring development and implementation of energy projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts, and energy losses
  • enabling transparency and availability of data and resources for achieving general and specific targets
  • development of energy awareness and energy acceptable behaviour of our employees by organising internal and external education
  • encouraging innovative culture open to possible application of innovations proposed by our employees with the aim of improving energy performance indicators 
  • maintenance of communication about energy resource management
STSI Ltd. is deeply committed to corporate social responsibility in order to reduce environmental impacts and continuously maintain the energy management system aligned with legal and other requirements that refer to energy use and consumption and energy efficiency, to which the Company subscribes.


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