Soil bioremediation

 Bioremediation – a green technology for the treatment of soil contaminated with hydrocarbons

Since 2014, STSI has been performing soil bioremediation process at the location in Gornja Gračenica (the town of Popovača) pursuant to valid permits.

Bioremediation is a natural soil cleaning process taking place everywhere in the environment. Microorganisms naturally present in soil use petroleum and petroleum hydrocarbons as food for growth and development and while doing so, their metabolic processes degrade petroleum in soil. STSI uses positive aspects of this natural process and carries out bioremediation in controlled conditions, which results in the speedy completion of the process, i.e. in clean soil. 

  • No negative impacts on human health, environment and quality of life
  • No need for adding new chemicals into the environment
  • No emissions
  • No increase in waste volume
  • Reuse of soil
  • More economically viable than other methods of  treatment of soil contaminated with hydrocarbons
Bioremediation is considered to be a safe and eco-friendly process of restoring the soil contaminated with hydrocarbons to its original state. This process is recommended by the European Union to its member states in order to reduce the quantities of the soil requiring special disposal. 

STSI, with its activities, contributes to environmental stewardship, as well as the growth of the local community economy.
Sustainable development is one of fundamental principles of our business operations!
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