IT Projects

I6 Programme constitutes a set of strategically important process enhancement projects and IT solutions within INA Group. The Programme consists of a series of separate projects and their related sub-projects.
This year, STSI d.o.o., as one of the most important INA Group member, is involved in the Programme participating in the 3 projects within the BI BOOST group of projects. The project started on 1 March 2012 and its completion is planned for 1 December 2012.
  • I6 STSI BI Roll Out Project has two main objectives:
    • Mapping of the relevant INA BI  managerial reports with or without additional processing
    • Defining, designing and implementing of the new managerial reports for the purpose of STSI’s core business activity (maintenance)
  • I6 INA GPRS Project
    • This Project represents the first preparation phase for the implementation of the MOL GPRS IT Reporting Platform regarding maintenance process performance
    • Such reporting will enable maintenance process tracking and performance comparison on the MOL Group level through the 6 defined key performance indicators: measurement of the time required for the implementation of certain maintenance activities, i.e. Maintenance Lead Time, SSC Performances, Procurement, Stock and Storage Management, availability of plants/equipment, i.e. Core Availability and HSE, Cost Reports.
    • In this year, the target of the Project is to bring the data necessary to calculate and obtain GPRS key performance indicators from INA&STSI SAP R3 System into the INA SAP BI System
    • The full implementation of the MOL GPRS Reporting Platform at INA&STSI is planned for next year
  • I6 STSI PE (Process Enhancement) Project has the following objectives:
    • To close all the remaining open items from the Detailed Design defined in i5 STSI SAP Project
    • To remove all potential errors in the operation of STSI SAP System, in line with the guarantee under the Consulting Services Agreement for i5 STSI SAP Project
    • To improve the implemented functionalities in STSI SAP System in order to simplify them, i.e. to make them more user-friendly
    • To implement the functionalities of the business processes implemented in the period between the adoption of the Detailed Design of i5 STSI SAP Project and the start of the work in STSI SAP production. A typical example would be the functionality of work in progress reporting and posting
    • To stabilise all implemented STSI SAP functionalities with the emphasis on the sales and maintenance area