Mission / Vision / Strategic Goals

Based on its Quality Policy Statement, Environmental Protection and Occupational Health and Safety Policy Statements, and Energy Management Policy Statement, STSI has created its strategic objectives, mission and vision:


  • To develop a safe, efficient and quality system of maintenance of assets and technical and technological systems based on market principles
  • To increase integration of technologies and resources and use their advantages for competitive presence in the market
  • To develop highly qualified workforce as the basic company value in the framework of socially acceptable criteria and principles


  • To maintain the leading position in the field of integrated technical services in the region
  • To be a respected and desirable partner that is known for its excellent products and services, for honest and nurtured relationships, and for protection of the interests of our owners, customers, suppliers, employees, community and other partners, respecting cultural, religious and other diversity

Strategic objectives


  • Our goal in providing services is to ensure customer satisfaction
  • To be a reliable partner for optimal maintenance and functioning of industrial processes entrusted to us for maintenance, while  also maintaining the harmony of the nature that surrounds us
  • To develop long-term and stable partnerships with customers and suppliers
  • To continuously improve the existing processes, to develop new technologies and procedures, to invest in modernisation of equipment and means of production, while reviewing internal and external factors in the interest of satisfying the needs and expectations of all those interested in our business operations 
  • To develop business processes with the aim of improving energy performance indicators by using recent, more energy efficient technologies, processes and equipment, with a continual focus on increasing energy performance of our facilities and equipment
  • To ensure continuous review of process efficiency by determining and assessing risks and opportunities for improvement, planning, implementing and assessing follow-up activities with the aim of reducing business risk and environmental and human health impact
  • To develop knowledge, know-how and activities that will ensure our leading position in both the Croatian and international markets
  • To conquer new markets in Croatia and abroad