Integrirani tehnički servisi izgradnje postrojenja u RH i u inozemstvu.

Manufacturing of equipment and spare parts

STSI is certified, in accordance with the HRN EN ISO 3834-2 standard, for manufacturing and installation of pipelines and pressure vessels of category II, III and IV.
Tin the manufacturing plant in Sisak, there is a manufacturing workshop with a surface area of 3000 m2 that is equipped with three industrial cranes with a capacity of 5-10 t. The total capacity of the workshop is as follows:

  • 40 pipe bundles per year (maximum dimensions – diameter 1,250 mm / length 9,000 mm / weight 20t)
  • 10 pressure vessels per year (maximum dimensions – diameter 3,800 mm / length 12,000 mm / weight 20t)
  • 20 air coolers per year (maximum dimensions – width 4,000 mm / height 1,400 mm / length 12,000 mm / weight 12t)
  • 10 heat exchangers per year (maximum dimensions – diameter 1,200 mm / length 9,000 mm / weight 20t)

Applicable materials in accordance with the ASME and EN standards:

  • carbon steel
  • carbon steel for low and increased temperatures
  • low-alloy steel for increased temperature
  • high-alloy steel
  • copper-titanium alloys.

Specialist staff at the Sisak site are the following:

  • two EW engineers + one EW technician
  • three engineers in production preparation
  • two design engineers
  • three persons authorized for NDT (UT, PT, VT, RT, MT)
  • 6 welders
  • 6 pipefitters
  • 12 locksmiths.

Some of the machines used by STSI in manufacturing the equipment are the following:

  • automatic ESSAB SAW welding machine
  • sheet metal bending machine for thickness up to 50 mm
  • sheet metal bending machine for thickness up to 25 mm
  • CNC machining centre
  • CNC pipe bundle cutting machine
  • CNC press brake for angular bending of sheet metal
  • CNC plasma/gas cutting machine
  • Hydraulic scissors
  • TIG, MMA, MIG/MAG welding machines
  • positioning devices.