Integrirani tehnički servisi izgradnje postrojenja u RH i u inozemstvu.


Maintenance of plants and equipment is an activity carried out with the aim of ensuring the uninterrupted and continuous operation of equipment and plants, and thus the continuous functioning of the production process.

Quality maintenance requires knowledge of the equipment and plants, as well as knowledge of the maintenance processes. STSI maintains refinery plants, oil and gas plants, petrol stations, compressor stations and gas pipelines, offshore platforms, as well as drilling and workover rigs.

STSI provides a full maintenance service that combines the maintenance of mechanical equipment, power equipment, monitoring and control systems, instrumentation and construction facilities.

Maintenance activities carried out by STSI include continuous monitoring, periodic inspections, corrective maintenance of stationary and rotating equipment in hazardous and non-hazardous areas, as well as maintenance of process equipment, devices and installations.

As part of the maintenance of petrol stations, STSI performs the rehabilitation of existing underground storage tanks in a way that a “new” double-walled tank is constructed inside the existing tank using the DOPA method. It is a non-destructive method that involves a construction of a double wall of the tank by applying special materials and installing a sensor for monitoring the tank for leakage. Tank rehabilitation reduces the possibility of unplanned leakage of products, and if this were to happen, the sensor system enables a rapid response and damage control. The service life of the tanks is prolonged, the risk of sudden leaks is reduced and the lengthy process of replacing existing tanks with new ones is avoided.