Integrirani tehnički servisi izgradnje postrojenja u RH i u inozemstvu.

Waste management and environmental protection

The basic prerequisite for performing waste management and environmental protection activities is the possession of the required licences.
STSI possesses licenses for the entire service provision in the area of waste management that enable the company to:
• perform mediation activities in waste management
• perform waste management activities – collection, temporary storage and hazardous waste treatment/recovery
• perform activities with the aim of preventing the spread of sudden contamination and remediating the areas affected by the sudden contamination in question
• perform waste transportation activities
• provide chemical-mechanical cleaning
STSI contributes to environmental conservation through its activities. Therefore, the company has implemented the method of bioremediation as the primary method of waste treatment.
Bioremediation is a natural process of soil purification that occurs everywhere in the environment.
Microorganisms naturally inhabiting the soil use petroleum and petroleum hydrocarbons as food for growth and development, and they use their own metabolic processes to decompose petroleum in the soil.
STSI uses the positive possibilities of this natural process and implements it under controlled conditions. After recovery, the soil is purified to its original state and it is rationally reused in the environment, in accordance with the principles of circular waste management and sustainable development.
Advantages of bioremediation:
• there are no negative effects on human health, the environment and quality of life
• there is no additional introduction of chemicals into the environment
• there are no emissions
• there is no increase in the amount of waste
• soil reuse
• it is more cost-effective than other methods of treating soil that is contaminated with hydrocarbons.
The process of bioremediation is considered a safe and environmentally friendly process of restoring the original state of soil that is contaminated with hydrocarbons. Therefore, bioremediation is classified as a green technology.

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