Integrirani tehnički servisi izgradnje postrojenja u RH i u inozemstvu.

Process safety system testing

STSI is authorized by the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of the Interior to perform the following tests and professional activities:

  • inspection and testing of work equipment
  • inspection and testing of boiler rooms
  • testing the factors of a work environment
  • verification of the functionality of stable fire protection systems
  • testing of alarm lighting, pushbuttons for automatic power shutdown, emergency doors, fire dampers, sprinkler stations, smoke extraction systems.

STSI is authorized to perform professional occupational health and safety activities, as follows:

  • performance of occupational health and safety tasks in companies
  • risk assessment preparation
  • occupational health and safety training (training employees for safe work, training employers, and occupational health and safety officers and representatives)
  • performance of tasks of coordinators I and II.

We also perform the following tasks:

  • preparation of the fire hazard assessment
  • preparation of the fire protection plan
  • preparation of the evacuation and rescue plan.